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The Great Seal Bicentennial Poster of 1976

1976 poster

This poster was created for the American Revolution Bicentennial by Brendan Fischer, John MacArthur, and Gene Krug who formed Cibola, Inc. in Beltsville, Maryland and commissioned original artwork from Rance Barela.

Published in two sizes (2x3 feet and 11x17 inches), the Latin mottoes were translated into English. A few posters still exist, including smaller ones with a 13-cent stamp postmarked in Washington DC on April 13, 1976.

Excerpt from the poster text written by John D. MacArthur

The pyramid side has never been officially used, and was rarely seen until it appeared on the 1935 edition of the one-dollar bill, after having lain dormant for 153 years. More than public, the Great Seal is now universal, with 2.7 billion dollar bills in circulation throughout the world. That seed, which was produced by our founding fathers, has germinated these four decades in the subconscious of the world, and is now ready to play its role in the continuing American Revolution.

Considerable attention is now being given to the pyramid. Research shows the Great Pyramid in Egypt to be much more than a tomb for Pharaoh. It is a very sophisticated structure incorporating numerous geometric constants and standards of measure. As a scale model of the northern hemisphere, it can, for example, tell the exact length of one degree of latitude at the equator.

As the first generation to send a message (aboard Pioneers 10 and 11) especially designed to be understood by beings of another solar system and another time, it is not so strange to find ourselves the recipients of a kind of time capsule, too. If so, then how can we read it?

The unfinished pyramid represents the remarkable foundation, which has now been established. We are possessed of the technology to feed and shelter humanity, thanks to the pioneering efforts of generations before us.

By completing the pyramid, that divine eye indicates the fulfillment of America's undertaking to be in terms of consciousness – a consciousness that can command our technology instead of being a slave to it. What is this required awareness that will enable us to realize the New Order of the Ages?

On the face of the Seal, beneath the circle of light, are the words Out of Many, One. More than the traditional "melting pot" theme, this important phrase is indicating a perspective we each need to gain. In other words, how to experience unity in a world of diversity. How to see all life connected with one source.

The legendary seven cities of Cibola were thought to be somewhere within the heart of America. Early adventurers sought this treasure, but in vain. Today, however, it is being discovered – in the words and deeds of the great people who contributed to America's heritage. As miners of our history, we bring you this wealth and encourage you to understand the importance of the present time, for herein lies the most valuable treasure.