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Design Process
 1st Committee
 2nd Committee
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 Final Design

Latin Mottoes
 E Pluribus Unum
 Annuit Coeptis
 Novus Ordo Seclorum

Symbols (front)
 Bald Eagle
 Olive Branch
 Rays of Light

Symbols (back)

Great Seals
 Official Dies
  Pendant Seals
  First Engravings
 First Painting
 1792 Medal
 Indian Medals
 1882 Medal
 One-Dollar Bill
 United Seal
 Eagle Rising

 Eagle Side
 Pyramid Side


 Wild Turkey
 President's Seal

First Realizations of the Great Seal

Trenchard's 1786 obverse Trenchard's 1786 reverse

These engravings by James Trenchard were published in Columbian Magazine (Philadelphia). The obverse side in September 1786 and the reverse side in October. They are the first realizations made of the Great Seal and are accurately based on the official 1782 description of the Great Seal.