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Sacred to Liberty Justice and Peace

Sacred to Liberty Justice and Peace

This was a frontispiece of The Columbian Magazine, or Monthly Miscellany published in America in 1788.

Concord, the Goddess of Harmony and Peace, stands before a temple with 13 pillars and the inscription "Sacred to Liberty Justice and Peace." On the pediment is America's Great Seal with "E Pluribus Unum" written on a long ribbon carried in the Eagle's beak.

Atop the temple are three statues:
    Liberty with a staff and liberty cap
    Justice with scales
    Peace with a palm

Clio, the patroness of history, kneels beside Concord to inscribe the message delivered to her by Cupid who holds a copy of the Constitution. A poem describes the scene:

Poem explaining the drawing.

"Behold! a Fabric now to Freedom rear'd,
Approv'd by friends, and ev'n by Foes rever'd,
Where Justice, too, and Peace, by us ador'd,
Shall heal each Wrong, and keep ensheath'd the sword
Approach then, Concord, fair Columbia's Son;
And, faithful Clio write that 'WE ARE ONE'."

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published by The Columbian Magazine.