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Detail of image from film's trailer.

The Great Seal in National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Seal - Eagle holds a scroll As in the first National Treasure, the key marketing image is again the pyramid & eye, although this symbol has nothing to do with the plot. This time, however, the eagle side of the Great Seal appears on a secret book that "contains all of our nation's secrets, the JFK conspiracy and Area 51..." and leads to "the greatest treasure of all time." (Thought they already found that.)

The President's book has a symbol on it similar to the first Great Seal die (1782). But instead of the bundle of arrows in its left talon, the eagle clutches a scroll.

Ben and the Resolute Desk We also see the Oval Office's famous Resolute desk, a gift from Queen Victoria to President Hayes in 1880 and since used by most U.S. Presidents. Carved on front is the old President's seal whose eagle faces the 13 arrows – unlike the current Seal of the President and the Great Seal whose eagles look toward the olive branch.