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Holy Hexagram!
Union of Celestial and Terrestrial Forces

What goes up must come down.
What goes up must come down.

Because of its elegant geometry, the hexagram has been a popular symbol in many cultures from earliest times. It has a long and complex history, including use by Old Testament patriarchs. It's often referred to as the "Star of David" or "Solomon's Seal."

Intersecting triangles "The most iconic symbol of Judaism today is the six-pointed star, or hexagram, made from two interlocking equilateral triangles and known as the Magen David, or Star of David. This motif, however, is not Jewish in origin. In the Hellenistic world, hexagrams were used by all religions, and in the Middle Ages, Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike used them to ward off demons and fires. In the fourteenth century, Jewish mystical texts began associating the image with the shield of God used to protect King David." – Bruce Feiler, Where God Was Born

"Do you know why it's called Solomon's Seal? Solomon used to seal monsters and giants and things into jars." – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

It's not clear what the hexagram meant at the time of the American Revolution, so to attribute some intended national symbolism to it based on today's meaning is mere speculation.

The hexagram shape of the constellation of stars on the Great Seal may have simply been a rearrangement of the 13 stars on the first American flag.

Heart chakra

According to the Hindu system, the human body has seven energy centers known as chakras that rise up from the base of the spine. The symbol for the heart chakra is composed of a hexagram. At the junction of heaven and earth, it balances the primary emotional energy of the universe, love.

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