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Latin Mottoes
 E Pluribus Unum
 Annuit Coeptis
 Novus Ordo Seclorum

Symbols (front)
 Bald Eagle
 Olive Branch
 Rays of Light

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Great Seals
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 1792 Medal
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 One-Dollar Bill

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 Wild Turkey
 President's Seal
 U.S. Constitution

Myth and Misinformation about the Great Seal

America's Great Seal is the official sign of sovereignty of the United States – not a monetary symbol. It was created a century and a half before its two sides first appeared on the one-dollar bill.

George Washington is also on the dollar bill.
Should we use him as a monetary symbol?

George Washington sits for his portrait.

We know the Father of His Country was not that colorless two-dimensional character we see on the front of the dollar. We know he was a living person with a strong personality and a colorful history. We know, because in school we learned about the Father of Our Country.

But what were we taught about the Emblem of our country? Most Americans know very little about the symbol that represents them and their nation, and often what they do know is incorrect. Even our best-educated citizens don't know the meaning of the Great Seal's three Latin mottoes. Ask the smartest person you know (after betting them a dollar).

Myth and misinformation about the Great Seal:
Eagle side | Pyramid & Eye side

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