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Latin Mottoes
 E Pluribus Unum
 Annuit Coeptis
 Novus Ordo Seclorum

Symbols (front)
 Bald Eagle
 Olive Branch
 Rays of Light

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 One-Dollar Bill

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Pyramids - Millennium

Sightings of Great Seal Imagery

BBC Northern Ireland
The wonderful new BBC documentary on Charles Thomson,
principal designer of the Great Seal, aired in February.
Ask your PBS station to get it!

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Breitenbush Hot Springs sanctuary

From 1989

Watch the true Great Seal in action.
Dept o State
A Taste of History
(PBS 2016) visits the Department of State,
where the Great Seal is impressed on a document (starts at minute 10).
Chef Walter Staib re-creates the preparation of a sumptuous meal
at the home of Charles Thomson, principal designer of the Great Seal.
Dessert is Bee Sting Cake made with honey from Harriton's hives.
Bruce Gill talks about Thomson's beekeeping innovations.

America's Got Talons

E Pluribus Turkey

Rainbow Gypsies
The Rainbow Gypsies
In 1969 a band of self-styled hippie gypsies,
clad in rainbow rags and waving their freak flag high,
dance their way around the world, from their homes in America
to an ashram on the banks of the Ganges. Set in the psychedelic 60s,
the Rainbow Gypsies is a unique journey that simply could not be made today.

Veterans Day Memorial
November 11, 2014: Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona.
At precisely 11:11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month, Veterans Day,
the sun's rays pass through the 5 pillars' elliptical openings to illuminate
a glass mosaic medallion of the Great Seal of the United States.
Designer: Renee Palmer-Jones • Chief engineer: Jim Martin

Miley Cyrus Concert
July 2014: Miley Cyrus Concert

Great Seal on ceiling
The Great Seal, sculpted in plaster and gilt, decorates the center of the ceiling in
The Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room,
the largest of the State Department's Diplomatic Reception Rooms.
On the carpet is the Seal's "crest," the stars, light rays, and clouds above the bald eagle.
Seal crest on carpet

We The People Mural 2013
Detail of the five-story We The People Mural
by Bob Hieronimus in Baltimore

Mark Wagner collage
Made of Money
Mark Wagner's artistic collages
consist entirely of one-dollar bills.

Symbolic Solidarity with Tibet
"Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land
unto all the Inhabitants thereof."

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Mystery solved!
The Simpsons (March 15, 2009) Fox
"That's also my pyramid." – Montgomery Burns

Big Bang Theory opening timeline slide show
What's wrong with the timeline on The Big Bang Theory?

Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

40th anniversary, March 2013

Cleopatra Exhibit - LA - 2012
California Science Center (2012)

National Treasure
National Treasure

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Movie poster for The Pyramid

Recently sighted: a gathering of Illuminaughty

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